Awesome Free Online Graphic Design Resources

free online graphic design resourcesWe all love new toys and useful tools, and the word “starving” has gone hand in hand with “artist” for quite a while now; so, with that in mind, here are some free online resources either directly or indirectly related to graphic design in general that I hope will be helpful for you!NOTE: This list is ONLINE ONLY. You should NOT NEED TO INSTALL SOFTWARE for any of these effects. That means these resources are compatible with Mac and Windows and any other internet enabled browser capable of interacting with the websites listed here.

color wheelColor Tools

camera online photo editorsImage Manipulators

  • – Resize and change the quality of an image file online. Max file size is 6MB
  • – Resize multiple images, rotate, crop, and add effects like gaussian blur, oil paint, grayscale, and sharpen
  • – Create cell phone backgrounds, resize, email, and post pics to your social network. Max file size is 5.5MB
  • Luna Pic Editor – Online photo editor complete with drawing, painting, and gradients. Max file size is 1016×1016
  • – A simple online picture editor with basic functions and the ability to upload to flickr
  • – Add photo effects like vintage, lomo, pop art, as well as other funky cool editing options
  • – Online editor with a Photoshop-like interface
  • – Another Photoshop style editor with a good toolset that runs in browser
  • – Create animated GIF files online by uploading multiple files
  • – Another site that will automatically create an animated GIF file for you
  • – Add shapes, use standard resize tools, and edit your images online. 1GB free image storage
  • – Online vector editor, image editor, and more

tool iconOther Cool Stuff

  • – Create your own font online!
  • – Create flash elements like banners, buttons, and more
  • – Create free online flash banners
  • – Preview websites as they would load and look on an iPad
  • – Automatically detects your screen resolution and creates wallpapers from images
  • – Convert PDF to DOC or the other way around or convert PDF to HTML
  • – Free on-line converting for files mp3, wma, ogg, aac, flac, real audio, rm, ringtone amr, flac,  jpg, bmp, gif, tga, png etc for free

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