The Day I Jailbroke My iPhone

Hi, my name is Joe…and I’m an addict. I remember the day it all started. I was shopping for a new iPod in Best Buy when the diligent salesman decided to try his luck talking me into the (then) new iPod Touch. I turned him down flat. Advertisements

5 Reasons Charlie Sheen needs an iPad 2

So, you’ve probably heard the hype, but why do so many people care about iPad 2? Is it really that cool? And why does even asking that question make me feel like an atheist at a church revival? And how could it benefit one of the most embattled celebrities of the month?

Review: Boxwave Stylus (iPhone and Droid)

Like it or not, you live in a touch screen generation where all kinds of devices are losing their buttons faster than a fat person at a buffet. While that translates into fun and innovative interfaces, it can also be limiting at times,