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5 Best Free Online Color Utilities

Have you ever needed to generate a color palette for a project? Wanted to know what the HTML color code was for a color in your image? Wondered if you actually matched those colors correctly? If you are ready to show your true colors, then here are a few sites that can help you plan […]

Audrey Hepburn VS Lady Gaga (Round 1)

Some of you are automatically going to hate me for even putting these two celebrities together in a title, and that’s ok, hate on. At least you are reading. However, as much as you might feel there is no comparison between the two, I am about to make some.

How to Make Your Website Suck!

There are a thousand blog posts on how to make a great website and how to improve the one you have. Since you are all veterans at Googling all of life’s pressing issues, I am confident you can live without another tips and hints post about making a good site