graphics for the ipad

A Short Guide for Formatting Graphics for iPad

NOTE: This post is a little out of date now. The iPad 3 screen is 2048×1536 resolution, for those wondering, and I will try to get some new info out eventually. iPad 2 has hit the market, OnSwipe has spiced up WordPress blogging, and designers everywhere are using this slick little mobile device to promote their […]

5 Reasons Charlie Sheen needs an iPad 2

So, you’ve probably heard the hype, but why do so many people care about iPad 2? Is it really that cool? And why does even asking that question make me feel like an atheist at a church revival? And how could it benefit one of the most embattled celebrities of the month?

Audrey Hepburn VS Lady Gaga (Round 2)

We exploited Hepburn for a few tips, now let’s turn our sights to the most searched for female artist on the internet (according to Guinnes World Records). Now, I’m sure someone will point out that while Audrey Hepburn has a legacy spanning decades, Lady Gaga is a newcomer to the fame monster, but I’m fairly […]

Texture of the Week 2/27/11

A free metal texture for all you metal fans out there! Just to get you headbanging, here is one of the many millions of uses you could find for this versatile texture:

Audrey Hepburn VS Lady Gaga (Round 1)

Some of you are automatically going to hate me for even putting these two celebrities together in a title, and that’s ok, hate on. At least you are reading. However, as much as you might feel there is no comparison between the two, I am about to make some.

TOTW 2/14/11

This texture is a combination of snow and concrete for a nice grungy effect which you can use to tear up all kinds of cool images. Below is a sample of how you can use the texture against a photo:

Vampire Eyes (Video Tutorial)

Everyone wants to suck these days…Edward style or so it seems. You may be fed up with Twilight or you may be addicted to the mundane acting and shirtless studs, but either way, this useful tutorial on turning your obviously boring eyes into immortal evil is pretty bloody cool!