Silence – A Photoshop Brush Exercise

For this little experiment I created a custom Photoshop brush and tweaked the settings of the brush until I had it like I wanted. After that it was merely a matter of painting away with a Wacom tablet until I had things as I liked them. Finally, I set a single type layer above the […]

The Day I Jailbroke My iPhone

Hi, my name is Joe…and I’m an addict. I remember the day it all started. I was shopping for a new iPod in Best Buy when the diligent salesman decided to try his luck talking me into the (then) new iPod Touch. I turned him down flat.

Texture of the Week 2/27/11

A free metal texture for all you metal fans out there! Just to get you headbanging, here is one of the many millions of uses you could find for this versatile texture: