Slide Presentations Can Kill (Save Yourself!)

It’s happened before. Maybe you don’t believe me. Maybe you doubt the potency of a poorly designed slide, but I’ve seen it first hand, and trust me, you don’t want to be responsible for it. For instance, just the other day Advertisements

Legalize Calligraffiti!

Maybe you’ve seen graffiti, and maybe you’ve seen some really good graffiti, but if you haven’t discovered Calligraffiti, you just haven’t lived yet. As an artist, and someone who loves the way hip-hop culture has impacted art and street visuals, the marriage of graffiti and calligraphy, for me, is a match made in heaven.

Audrey Hepburn VS Lady Gaga (Round 2)

We exploited Hepburn for a few tips, now let’s turn our sights to the most searched for female artist on the internet (according to Guinnes World Records). Now, I’m sure someone will point out that while Audrey Hepburn has a legacy spanning decades, Lady Gaga is a newcomer to the fame monster, but I’m fairly […]

Texture of the Week 2/27/11

A free metal texture for all you metal fans out there! Just to get you headbanging, here is one of the many millions of uses you could find for this versatile texture:

Audrey Hepburn VS Lady Gaga (Round 1)

Some of you are automatically going to hate me for even putting these two celebrities together in a title, and that’s ok, hate on. At least you are reading. However, as much as you might feel there is no comparison between the two, I am about to make some.

Texture of the Week 2/20/11

This shot of textured paint can be used for all kinds of typical effects, but here is a not-so-typical one I used it for which created an interesting glow: